Postpartum Care

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Postpartum Care
Postpartum Care services offered in China Town, New York, Elmhurst and Queens, NY

The postpartum period after childbirth can be trying for new moms exhausted by the experience. Nikki Yu, LAc, and the team at Healthkey Group Fertility in Lower Manhattan, New York, offer comprehensive postpartum care using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and other types of alternative medicine. Their treatments assist in rebalancing your hormones, resetting your reproductive system, restoring well-being, and reshaping your body. Schedule a consultation at Healthkey Group Fertility by calling the office or using the online booking tool today.  

Postpartum Care Q & A

What is postpartum care?

The postpartum period starts after you give birth. While the joy of meeting your new baby is incomparable, pregnancy and childbirth can be exhausting.

The Healthkey Group Fertility team offers natural traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and alternative treatments to help you recover postpartum. These include acupuncture, meridian massage, and herbal remedies.


What postpartum care might I need?

Your provider tailors your postpartum care plan to your particular needs. These could include:

Cesarean section recovery

A Cesarean section is a major surgery. TCM can help your surgical wounds heal, reduce the risk of postsurgical infection, and help you regain strength.


Relieving breast engorgement

Your breasts fill with milk after childbirth and may become too full (engorged) at first before your body adapts to your baby’s demands. TCM reduces painful engorgement so you can enjoy the breastfeeding experience.


Immune system support

TCM may improve your body’s recovery process from infections, minimizing your need for antibiotics. This is particularly important for breastfeeding women.


Boost energy levels

Feeling fatigued after childbirth is normal, but a new baby requires plenty of energy. TCM also might also help you regain your vitality faster.


Postpartum depression prevention

The baby blues — feeling low and teary — are common after childbirth but should soon pass. However, some women develop postpartum depression, a disabling mental health disorder. TCM may help to boost low mood and restore confidence in your health.


How does postpartum care help me reshape my body?

After carrying a baby for nine months and giving birth, your body suffers significant stretching, and you may have gained weight. It can take many months to lose post-baby weight and tighten the slack tissues, but Healthkey Group Fertility offers cutting-edge aesthetic treatments that help restore your body to its pre-pregnancy shape. These include:

LPG Endermologie®

LPG Endermologie targets cellulite buildup that sometimes occurs during pregnancy. It also boosts natural collagen and elastin production — fibers vital for tissue elasticity.


InMode BodyFX™

InMode BodyFX uses radiofrequency energy and controlled pulsations to smooth areas of stubborn fat and cellulite.


VelaShape® III 

Velashape III is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that shrinks fat cells and reduces cellulite.


Biboting vacuum therapy

Vacuum therapy combines Chinese cupping and moxibustion (mugwort leaf burning) techniques. It stimulates cellulite and fatty deposit breakdown, providing patients with a non-invasive Brazilian butt-lift for the thighs and buttocks.

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